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Levo's LJ: It's the most fun you can have with your pants on!!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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Wed 06/10/2010 : 8:22 pm
'Ello? [
[ mood | satisfied ]

Does anyone still use this?

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Wed 07/01/2009 : 9:09 pm
Does this work??? [
Uh... this is a test to see how the email posting thingy works

Posted via email from lemonskin's posterous

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Wed 02/07/2008 : 9:30 am
Sneakers! [
[ mood | sick ]

Lacoste Missouri Punched... I own them now :D

Having a day off today on account of I'm sick :(

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Tue 06/05/2008 : 8:54 pm
Super freakin' awesome weekend [
[ mood | happy ]

Well I had the most awesome weekend for a long time this weekend.

Friday night: Saw the Foo Fighters at Acer Arena. Three words: BEST SHOW EVER. They played EVERYTHING. They played for close to three hours! And they played my top 5 faves of theirs which are: Monkey Wrench, Stacked Actors, The Pretender, Generator, and This Is A Call. Definately the best show I've ever seen. And dave Grohl is a funny bastard to boot. I went with Millard, and the Two Laura's.

Saturday: Went to see Iron Man with cpywrt. Excellent movie, Robert Downey Jr is very good in it. Very entertaining. also bought a small Lego set because I was in a money wasting mood :P

Sunday: Went to ANZ Stadium with only 10,000 of Souths most faithful supporters to see them in a boilover victory against the Cowboys, a team which boasts two of the best players in the world. It was an awesome win, the boys played their hearts out and although it was a small crowd, the cheer we generated was equal to a grand final victory cheer! It was their first win this year.

Other random news: I have two major TAFE assignments due next week and the week after consecutively, and I've started neither. It'll be a long weekend of assignmenting for me this weekend. Also I bought a pair for red, white and green sneakers and they are awesome-o :D

Well that's all for the moment, ciao for now.

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Mon 14/04/2008 : 10:28 pm
Twitter [
[ mood | blah ]

I'm now on Twitter if anybodgey else is.



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Tue 08/04/2008 : 9:21 pm
2 concerts, a party, and work's moving [
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well I've had a nutso couple of days, here's the rundown.

Thursday night: MUSCLES!!! After work myself, Sam, Laura and Laura's mate ironically also called Laura set off to see Muscles at the Manning Bar at Sydney Uni. Got smashed on 2 for 1 cocktails in Newtown (Long Island Iced Teas are deadly) before grabbing a few beers and pizza at Ice + Slice. Then we set sail for the Manning Bar. We proceeded to drink a lot more and raved to Muscles, who was, as usual, AWESOME. Got back to Sam's place at Coogee at 1am-ish and crashed there, got to sleep at about 2. I got about 3 hours sleep and had to brave work the next day...

Friday: Maroon 5 (with OneRepublic and Brandi Carlile). Well after getting smashed on Thursday and getting 3 hours sleep, I was a complete zombie on Friday. But at the end of the day it was time for Maroon 5 with Lisa, Belinda, Idau and Dave Timmis from work. We grabbed some Maccas and parked at my secret parking spot at Homebush.

First up was Brandi Carlile who I personally thought was hot, it was a bonus she has a good voice and a good band. Then was OneRepublic who I wasn't thrilled with but they were OK. Maroon 5 was pretty good, I knew most of the songs. The seats at the concert were the best I've ever had and probably will ever have. Second row and middle left of stage! So close. Lisa dropped me home, I got to sleep at about 1am and slept until 1pm on Saturday (on account of having so little sleep on Thursday night).

Saturday: Vorn's 22nd Party. Nice one. I was fresh after 12 hours sleep. Met with Lee, Amy, Peter, Christina, Vorn and Zoe at The Lucky Panda chinese at Bonnet Bay. Had some good squid then it was back to Vorns. Drunk a heap, including a wierd cocktail I made up called "Lev's wierd green dead alien fetus" which consisted of Grand Marnier, Banana liqueur, Blue Curacao, 7UP, and a lychee in the bottom. It turned bright green and the lychee looked like an alien fetus :P Got about 4 hours sleep that night and was a zombie on Sunday again. Sunday night I fell asleep at 8pm on account of being exhausted at getting 3, 12 then 4 hours sleep.

Finally, Charles Parsons is moving on Friday 17th April so everything is a bit nuts ATM. We're moving to Goulburn Street, directly opposite World Square. Should be interesting, not looking forward to having to walk from the station though!

That's about all for now.

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Sun 30/03/2008 : 10:06 am
Procrastination [
[ mood | lethargic ]

I have two concerts in two days next week O_o.

Muscles on Thursday
Maroon 5 on Friday

OH, then PARTY on Saturday. So I might be a little bit BUGGERED after all that.

Also, I should be doing my TAFE assignment on Implementing and Facilitating Change right now. I will get to it after this very sentence.

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